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Dasein Brand Story

Dasein Brand Story

The word "Dasein", originated from German word, was first used by existentialist philosopher MartinHeidegger to mean, "the being" or "being there."
We're firm believers in fashion as individual expression, and nonbelievers in big names and expensive designer logos.  
With everything under $50, one of our priorities is to make sure that all of our products are affordable.  
At the same time,however, we maintain an absolutely high quality standard for our bags.
Nowadays, Dasein is still on its way towards redefining fashion, providing its customers with undoubtedly high qualities and a wider range of choices.  
What has never changed over the past years is its original aim of building this brand - bringing fashion and confidence to hundreds of thousands of women all over the world.

 DASEIN was first found in California, 2018. When we created Dasein handbags, we hoped that the "being" of every individual can be accentuated behind our handbags. 

With our great product quality and excellent customer service, now Dasein has established customer-trustworthy stores on Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Facebook, and Instagram.