Being there. Being in the world.
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About Us

Dasein is the a handbag brand created in 2008 by La Vani Inc., an American fashion accessories retailer based in Los Angeles, California. "Dasein" is a German word first used by existentialist philosopher Martin Heidegger, to mean, roughly, "the being" or "being there." When we created Dasein handbags, we wanted each bag to accentuate the individual or "being" behind the fashion accessory, rather than the brand itself. We're firm believers in fashion as individual expression, and nonbelievers in big name, expensive designer logos. We're the brand that's against name brands. We're the brand for true bag lovers who adore a particular fashion style rather than the logo out front. We're for those of you who still love designer bags for their gorgeous, luxurious styles, but hate the designer price tag. With everything under $50, we make the latest handbag styles of the season extremely affordable. At the same time, however, we maintain an absolutely high quality standard for our bags. You won't get bags that fall apart within weeks or signs of less-than-perfect craftsmanship that are common for handbags in this price range. So go ahead and find that gorgeous looking bag you've always wanted at a bargain price.